Hand Bag Holders – $25


The purse holder is one of the most needed accessories for the modern sophisticate
who cares for their hand-bag.

With the high cost of some purses, no one wants to put them on the dirty floor of a restaurant, balance their purse on their knee or hang the purse on the back of a chair, which might invite theft.

Our purse holders are totally functional and beautiful.

We set them with either Swarovski crystal or one-of-a-kind fused glass.

They are lite weight and fit most thick tables and bar tops and can be used at the doctor’s office, salon, home, office and some restrooms.  They have a non-slip base so they won’t slip off any surface and they all come with a travel case.

If you don’t see a color you want, just tell us and we will make it for you, at no additional cost.