Maria and l began marketing the crystal glass nail files and hand bag holders in 2002 for Maria’s nephew.

Her nephew went out of business and we decided to start our own business.  We import the crystal glass nail files and we are proud to say that we do all of our own art on the files and hand bag holders.

We could go into the trials and tribulations of learning how to fuse glass in our own kilns or how some hand painted design started as one thing and wound up as something else or how to mix and bake wax-based clay properly, but, we won’t.

The most important part of our business is the Czech file.  It truly does what it is suppose to do and that is, seal the natural nail so that it won’t crack, chip or peel, with regular use and that unless you bend it or drop it on a hard surface, it will never wear out.

The crystal glass nail file is a “must have” for the sophisticate who cares and maintains their nails, whether they maintain their own nails or go to a technician.

Maria and Michael